Franking Labels

Franking Labels

Franking labels and franking  machines labels, often colloquially referred to as  franking strips, we all franking machines

Franking Machines Labels (franking labels) are used in the lists of a thickness exceeding 6 mm or to consignments atypical example. When we send a small cardboard box as a letter or a tube.

Below are the special features and specifications produced by us franking labels.

To ensure the safety of the postal operator and the broadcaster custom postal items settled through payment coating applied using franking machines in the form of fingerprint templates for franking label must have specific properties.

There are a few features that must be met simultaneously with theFranking Labels eligible for marketing when sending shipments paid by franking machine:

  • ensuring the correct impression dies mail: timestamp and fees;

    Single Franking Labels
    Franking Single Labels
  • Anti-spill paint;
  • preventing the removal of deposits fingerprint templates;
  • preventing re-glue labels for franking;

Most of the products available on our market that have the name “franking machines labels” does not meet these very stringent standards and for the safety of the operator and the sender and should not be used in conjunction with devices frankującymi as a label to the franking machine.

While the use of labels of dubious quality there is a risk of exposure to the withdrawal of such consignments by the operator or what is more disturbing re-use of such labels in the next shipment or shipments.

In most EU countries the franking machines labels must be approved by the operator.

Produced by us franking machines labels (franking labels, franking strips) are made from raw material which they use leading manufacturers of franking machines and several years are sold on the EU markets.

Franking Labels Doubles


In addition to the properties mentioned above, the franking labels should have a relevant characteristics related to the technical parameters of the models and types of franking machines:

  •  stiffness of the label;
  • suitable primer;
  • lack wrapping on the corners;
  • lack of curl labels;
  • easy to peel backing;

We produce Franking Labels can be used with franking machines manufacturers:

  • Pitney Bowes;
  • Ascom Hasler;
  • Francotyp Postalia
  • Neopost;
  • Frama;

    Franking Labels Doubles box
    Box of Labels


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