Postbase Franking Labels Qi4 FP Mailing Machines

Postbase Franking Labels Qi4

Postbase Franking Labels Qi4 for FP Mailing machines Postabase Qi3 are Professional and works with any FP PostBase postage machine.

Our high quality Postbase Franking Labels for FP Mailing Postbase Qi4 have been thoroughly tested and work perfectly with modern day barcode printing franking technology.

  • Single Postbase Labels

  • 1000 sheets

  • 1 labels per sheet

  • Each label is 60 x 160 mm

  • Give all your mail a crisp, professional, smudge-free impression.

  • Postal Operators Aprroved

Postbase Franking Labels Qi4
Postbase Franking Labels Qi packed in FEFCO carton of white cadboard.
Box of Labels marked with full information.
1000 x single sheets.
1000 franking stickers in box.
Single Postbase Franking Labels Qi4

These high quality single franking labels are FP Mailing Postbase Qi4 Labels. Our franking machine labels are versatile and made of a high quality. These are individually cut and perfect for the Postbase Qi4 label dispenser.

Each label is 60 x 160 mm and there is a 10 mm strip one on one side.

Made with raw material are made of the leading manufacturers

of labels franking machines.

Quick to load, these labels are designed to minimise jamming, because when your franking machine isn't working it isn't saving you money.