Security Appliances


Protect the identity of employees and confidential data from a multi-level authentication possible by advanced security features built into our integrated security gates.


Lower your costs
Replacement of the integrated gateway security newest generation creates long-term savings. The Performance Series delivers enterprise-grade Next Generation Firewall security without the hefty price tag. It provides deep, extensive protection and effective control of Web applications-like Facebook, Google Apps and Netflix-with such anti-malware protection mechanisms as firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, IDP and application intelligence.
Wi-Fi where you need it
They provide small businesses to Wi-Fi wherever there is demand. Integrated gateway with integrated single or double, radio wireless access point that can provide wireless Internet access for small offices out of the box. Integrated WLAN technology AP Controller allows users to manage up to 18 access points from a central user interface. Performance Series allows companies to easily provide wireless internet access in many other areas, such as reception and conference rooms, while a growing need to increase the range of Wi-Fi.
Active Protection
On the Internet like mushrooms grow companies that deal with mass correspondence, which networks are constantly bombarded with junk mail (spam). Without intelligent detection and proactive blocking of spam users are stuck with the tedious and time-consuming to separate the wheat from the chaff in their mailboxes, which leads to a serious drop in labor productivity.
Identify wired or wireless network.
Safety begins with understanding what is on the network. What devices are used, how many and which operating systems are supported? ClearPass has a built-profiling engine that collects data in real time, including the categories of equipment, suppliers and operating system version. A new independent ClearPass Universal Profiler provides the same visibility for those who do not fully ready to enforce the policy.